Adrienne G. (Wedding in CT):

Yannis , you take our breath away every day with the gorgeous pictures you share of our wedding. Thank you for putting your heart and all of your talents into this project. To us, it is so much more than another wedding.

Amanda K. (Wedding in CT):

Yannis was not only a fantastic photographer but an absolute joy to work with. Our hope was to hire a photographer that was excellent at taking candids and who we would barely even notice was there during the ceremony and Yannis met these two expectations with flying colors. We are thrilled with the photographs he took and cannot say enough about how professional and generous he was during our entire time with him (he's so professional in quickly getting photos up onto his website - within a few days! - and so thoughtful in his presentation of any photograph you get printed with him). I cannot say enough about how wonderful Yannis was to work with, and on top of it, we have amazing wedding photos!

Lynn C. (Wedding in CT)

Yannis was really wonderful as a wedding photographer because he is a skilled artist but also quite unobtrusive so he got beautiful candid shots without anyone feeling there was a photographer in the room.

For us, the artistic quality of the photography as well as the artistic quality of the prints he made, in combination with how gracious and unobtrusive he was at the event all combine to make him an excellent event photographer.

Amanda S. (Destination Wedding in Greece)

We wanted our wedding photos to reflect the moment..not stiff, set up photos.. And that's exactly what Yanni that captured our every emotion on this special day. A big thank you to Yanni..for his images..will stay in our hearts forever..

Kostas T. (Destination Wedding in Spetses, Greece)

YMvisuals is an amazing artist. His attention to detail is stunning. He managed to take candid moments that we will cherish forever.

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